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#17 “Where are we headed?” – A conversation with Jeremy Strootman of JB

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Jeremy StrootmanWe start our second season of our podcast series with a fun conversation with our good friend Jeremy Strootman, Senior Outside Sales Manager for the East Coast with media technology distributor, JB&A.

We like working with people who are smart, work hard, and play hard . . . and who don’t take themselves too seriously. Merrel-Jeremy-NickThe recording session of this premier episode of our second season of The Workflow Show at our “Chesa Church” podcast studio was full of fun bantering back and forth between Jeremy, Nick and Merrel, yet you will find Jeremy’s thoughtful insights about where we are heading in the IT-centric media field to be most incisive.

In the conversation, Jeremy recounts how his IT prowess and position with Studio Network Solutions in St. Louis took him to many of the country’s top audio recording studios . . . and he talks about how the work eventually opened the door for him to migrate to helping to develop unique shared storage challenges for video production.

Jeremy also touches on how ROI drives advances in the field, and he explains why he is sanguine about the future of the media production field.

Watch this brief video clip from the recording of this podcast episode:


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Episode length: 01:05:26

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