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#14 “Talking Tech & Trends” with Mike Szumlinski of PVT

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Mike Szumlinski of PVT is well-known and highly-regarded within the IT-centric media systems realm. In our industry, one gravitates towards those who are intellectually sharp, experienced and responsive to customer needs. Mike is that type of guy, and we at Chesapeake have been interfacing with him for nearly a decade. In addition to being a great person, we consider him one of those “added-values” we bring to the table in our role as a media systems integrator.

As an indication of Mike’s savviness in both the tech and business sides, he is the US distributor or representative for a number of select software and hardware firms, some located within the US and others outside. And frankly, for us at Chesapeake, when we learn that Mike is connected with a particular product, it gets very serious consideration to be included within our palette of integration solutions.

In this episode of the The Workflow Show, Nick Gold and Merrel Davis discuss with Mike specifics about four lines that he represents: Cantemo, MediaSilo, Archiware and Sonnet Technologies. We also get Mike’s take on the recently-announced new Mac Pro.


Show length: 52:01

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Show Notes:

Xbox E3

SD to HD transition

Cantemo Portal

What is the difference between an API and SDK?




New features in Archiware’s P5



PCIe cards

Butler Film

Red Rocket

new Mac Pro


optical Thuderbolt cables

Echo Express III

Mike Szumlinski’s blog of “random nuggets” of valuable info:

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