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#13 “The New Frontier for Audio and Video Search”

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The Workflow Show

In this episode, Nick and Merrel discuss the jaw-dropping audio and video search capabilities offered by two companies, Nexidia and Nervve Technologies.

Keep in mind that we are not talking about metadata search, but search through the actual audio and video contrent of a digital library of footage.

We first learned about Nexidia Dialogue Search at last year’s NAB, and we now are a reseller of the application. We just recently learned of Nervve and saw a demo and once again, were mightily impressed.

In the podcast, the guys discuss various ways these applications could be utilized in digital video workflows. You will hear them request for your ideas as well by emailing us.

BTW, Nexidia will be at NAB. If you would like to setup an appointment for a demo, email us as well.

Show Length: 29:42

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Show Notes:

AVID PhraseFind and ScriptSync

Keep in mind that Nexidia Dialogue Search is not a speech-to-text application. It’s purpose is to search for phonetic matches of the query.

While Nervve can search a library for a face, it should not be confused with facial recognition applications.

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