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#43 “Cloud Editing Realities and Myths”

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When and where does it make sense to incorporate the cloud into your post-production workflow? The cloud is here and it’s staying, but confusion prevails in the M&E space. Every company has different requirements, and practical implementations vary. How can you meet the needs of the creatives and IT department while keeping the budget people happy?

Michael Kammes, founder of the 5 THINGS tech web series and Director of Business Development for BeBop, joins podcast co-hosts Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg to explore what’s possible with editing and storage in the cloud; the reality of security concerns; hidden costs associated with egress and compute power; as well as other factors to consider when devising a cloud strategy.

Don’t get tripped up by the unknown if you’re exploring how to transition from traditional on-premise workflow to a more cloud-centric infrastructure. Hear real-world examples of what is and is not working on this episode of The Workflow Show.


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