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#37 “Workflow Therapy on the State of the Industry”

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Does all the new technology for media management introduced tradeshow after tradeshow leave you adrift in a sea of information? Overwhelmed by all the tools creatives are asking for these days? Sounds like you need a little workflow therapy!

The specialists at Chesapeake Systems have their collective finger on the pulse of the media industry. What are the important takeaways from NAB 2019? Is the time now to deal with the evolution from 4K to 8K? Can the cloud and object storage provide that simple solution you desire? How should machine learning be integrated? What’s the latest on the Apple versus Windows debate for powering media-rich pipelines?

Co-hosts Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg explore all that and more on the latest episode of The Workflow Show, alongside Chesapeake’s Andy Shepherd, Director of Professional Services, and Peter Price, Director of Solutions Architecture.