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#35 “Training in Post Production”

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This episode of “The Workflow Show” features Chesapeake Systems’ trainer Luis Sierra, who shares his perspective on how training needs in post-production have evolved since the days of getting a bunch of people in a classroom to learn a new NLE. While the focus for training used to be complex client-side applications, those types of needs are met today by a diverse set of rich online resources, and thus, the need for professional instruction has seen a shift in emphasis.

Luis has been in the trenches training creative professionals throughout many industry transitions over the years. Along with “The Workflow Show” co-host Nick Gold, tune in to learn more about which areas an organization still needs to focus on when it comes to continuing professional staff development in today’s environment, from workflow collaboration techniques and systems to proper media asset management platform usage. They’ll discuss metadata tagging, and even that old-school offline-online technique, which is once again relevant in the age of heavier bitrate formats that are becoming increasingly popular.

“Conventry Radio Studio” by Alan Levine is licensed under CC BY 2.0