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#51 Workflow In the Cloud – Creativity Drives Innovation – A Talk with Michael Cioni

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For this episode of The Workflow Show, we’re delighted to have guest Michael Cioni, Global SVP of Innovation at, as our guest. Jason and Ben ask specifically what it means to lead innovation, what’s next for Media IT and post production in film, and how to inspire creative teams with UI and editing tools. Michael presents the benefits of editing video in the cloud versus traditional workflows and completely changes the workflow of review and approval. They discuss the art of being uncomfortable in order to learn and adapt to changes in the Media and Entertainment industry, as well as managing the hurdles of new innovations as the business comes to eventually adopt the newest tools. Michael explains the problems of deletion among content creators and how to plan an archive and MAM around the needs of exponentially expanding file sizes and equipment specs.
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  • Ben and Jason speak with Michael Cioni of about editing and workflow innovation in the cloud and the impact on the state of the industry
  • Discussion on creativity as the force that drives original ideation and the relationship between the technology and the tools we use
  • Michael relates’s tech to enable multiple editors and reviewers to work more efficiently in a remote environment
  • What are some possible next pieces of innovation in filmmaking, including addressing the problem of deletion and archive management