Terry Melton
Senior Systems Engineer

Terry is a nerd with 20 years of experience in IT, programming, and enterprise technologies gained through working in systems administration, technical support, database administration, cryptography, security testing, systems integration, DevOps and all stops in between. In 1984, his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20, set his brain on fire with all the wonderful possibilities of these amazing machines, and his passion has never dimmed.

Terry loves working with a team of people who care about the work they do and what they could do better. At Chesapeake, he tinkers all day with a myriad of technologies, from traditional data centers with StorNext SAN storage and physical servers to massively scaled cloud environments in AWS, Azure, or Google, glued together with bespoke system integrations ranging from Bash scripts to Python, Groovy or a brand spanking new REST API. Terry likes to read RFCs and white papers for fun sometimes, even if he doesn’t have to.

When not sitting in front of a computer screen, Terry likes to go camping, play the banjo and enjoy music festivals. He lives in Baltimore with his talented and amazing wife, a German Shepherd (who sometimes comes to work with him), and three cats.