Mark Dent
Chairman and CFO

Mark joined Chesapeake Systems as an owner in 1995, reinventing the company into an expert tech service provider at a time when most companies were selling computers and offering basic support free of charge. He has worked in every department of the company, assuming CFO duties in 2017 subsequent to serving as president for over 10 years.

Mark has overseen Chesapeake’s dynamic responses to the many major shifts in the technology that the company sells and supports, while simultaneously providing the leadership and financial support to carry through those changes over the past two decades. After 22 years of building the company, he takes great pride in having cultivated a strong culture of service and excellence at Chesapeake, laying the foundation for the company’s outstanding client and employee retention track records.

Mark is an active member of the Baltimore Rotary Club, and fulfills board duties for the international organization, which is dedicated to making positive, lasting change in communities.