Mark Dent

Mark Dent has always had a passion for tinkering with things, be it computers or old cars, to figure out how they work and how they could work better.

That passion evolved from him repairing computers some 25 years ago to running a national- scale company that develops some of the most robust media asset management and workflow solutions for large-scale clients.

Thought it all, the president of Chesapeake Systems’ philosophy has remained simple. Create a culture that embraces change. Because when it comes to technology and software, things change quickly.

“We continually morph ourselves into the next thing,” said Dent, whose team works out of a former 1870s-era church he helped repurpose into a 9,000-square-foot office headquarters. While many companies might excel in one discipline, Chesapeake Systems knows it all.

“We know all the different systems, all the different players and we can pull all those resources together to design a system that will run better and be more efficient,” Dent said.
Dent loves nothing more than seeing clients succeed and have a well-run, efficient operation.

“It’s almost like being a doctor, where you go into an office and diagnose the problems and why the office isn’t running as efficiently as it could. We can get that office working in a lot healthier manner and I’ve always liked being in a position to help people do that.”

Outside of the office, Dent prefers a simple lifestyle, spending time with his wife and two teenage children and working with his hands on the farm he purchased from his grandfather or helping to build barns. He stays active mountain biking and skiing and enjoys attending his children’s sporting events.