Jason Whetstone
Senior Workflow Engineer

Jason Whetstone joined Chesapeake Systems in 2014 as Solutions Architect. As he ramped up with learning the various storage, archive, networking, and media asset management solutions offered by Chesa, Jason refocused his energy into media asset management and workflow automation engineering. He is now Senior Workflow Engineer at Chesapeake and specializes in MAM platform design and implementation, and integration between platforms. Jason co-hosts Chesa’s media technology and workflow therapy podcast, The Workflow Show.

Jason believes engineering great media solutions is, in itself, a creative discipline. Good solutions will “check all the boxes.” But exceptional solutions are quite different. They require trust and tight collaboration between creative and technical minds to design and implement them. Exceptional solutions excite stakeholders and end-users alike. Jason is passionate about connecting people with technologies and platforms that allow them to focus on creating great media that tell great stories. He believes that attention to the details is key to achieving successful solution implementations. While achieving the requirements of stakeholders, will the solution enhance the abilities of media professionals to create? Does it save them time and help them elevate their craft? And are the end-users amazed by the solution? These are the “boxes” Jason aims to check.

Before joining Chesa in 2014, Jason worked as Senior Audio Post Engineer and Digital Asset Administrator for integrated communication and content creation company in Harrisburg, PA. Jason started working with media asset management and workflow automation tools in his capacity there, which is where he found his current passion. He has also worked in Nashville, TN in music studios as a second engineer. He is a performing member and record producer/engineer for the band Indian Summer Jars, an original folk music band based in central Pennsylvania.