Jason Paquin Headshot

Jason Paquin
Chief Executive Officer

Jason Paquin has a tremendous passion for the creative realm. An avid lover of all types of music, he studied audio engineering and music production at the New England School of Communications.

“I wanted to be the one enabling a good band or performer to achieve their own unique sound,” Chesapeake System’s Chief Executive Officer said. “I loved being the engineer on the backend. The technology behind audio engineering and working with music really intrigued me.”

Learning from his father, a computer programmer/database administrator, as he was growing up helped fuel Paquin’s interest in computer technology.

At Chesapeake Systems, where the majority of the company’s customer base consists of creatives, Paquin thrives on helping the media industry fulfill its needs.

“I have a workflow mindset – troubleshooting is just something I have enjoyed doing since I was a kid,” Paquin said. “I like to analyze things – to see something and make it better. The goal of my work at Chesapeake is to provide our clients with a service that enables them to focus on their creative work so they don’t have to worry about the administrative or technical side.”

In an industry where technology is constantly evolving, Paquin’s ability to learn things on the fly and his strong base understanding of networking, software development, scripting languages and general system administration serve him well.

Jason joined Chesapeake Systems in 2007 as a Systems Engineer and in 2010 was named Director of Professional Services. He was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2014 and to Chief Executive Officer in 2017.

Outside of work, the husband and father of two is extremely family oriented, engaging in everything from bike riding and soccer to Legos with his young children. A percussionist, Paquin also still jams away on his drum kit and dreams of having a music studio in his home.