Andy Shepherd
Director of Professional Services

A graduate of University of Stirling, Scotland, Andy studied Computing Science, concentrating on media and workflow/automation. Following London based positions as a Systems Administrator in post-production and independent media workflow consultancy, he joined Chesapeake Systems as a Support Engineer, rising to Director of Professional Services over the course of five years.

Andy is responsible for overseeing Chesapeake’s projects team and assisting with the direction of the support team, including professional development. He oversees solutions architecture, consultation, and implementation, and consults with clients on workflow, infrastructure, and future planning. He also consults on Chesapeake’s R&D efforts and manages vendor relationships. He helps clients with everything from broad concepts of business process management, to solutions architecture. Andy believes in solving workflow problems with both technology and creative vision and supports clients at every phase from process analysis to training.

Andy is often recognized for his ability to form a narrative of a conceptual project to help both clients and co-workers understand the processes involved. He is active in SMPTE to stay abreast of evolving technology.