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Project Parking from Marquis

Are you using Avid Media Composer? Then you know that despite your best efforts, over time you build up duplicate and orphaned media. That extraneous media can significantly reduce the available storage space for your new projects. Think of the money wasted due to the inefficient storage.

Doesn’t a tool that let’s you easily monitor ALL the media on your Avid system sound inviting? And not just monitor, but wouldn’t it be great if that tool also allowed you to offload that media (and any other files you so choose) to archive — and then just as easily be able to restore media to your primary storage?

Welcome Project Parking from Marquis. Listen to Daniel Faulkner, Business Development Manager for Marquis, further explain how this product streamlines Avid workflows.

Project Parking works with Mac-based or PC-based Avid systems. It’s also storage agnostic — it works with Unity ISIS, EditShare, Facilis . . . whatever.

Daniel also reviewed the new features regarding Project Parking announced at NAB:

For more information about Project Parking, contact your workflow integration experts at Chesapeake Systems, Nick Gold or Merrel Davis, via email or call them at 410.752.3406

Project Parking is just one of the workflow enhancement products from Marquis. Check out their other offerings, including Medway, their popular media conversion and transfer software, at

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