What’s new in Sapphire 7?

July 1st, 2013

GenArts, a top-shelf provider of awesome and versatile visual effects suites, has released Sapphire 7.

When we say versatile, we mean it.  Sapphire 7 works with the following platforms:

  • Adobe
  • Avid
  • Apple
  • Autodesk
  • Vegas
  • Nuke
  • and supports the use of open source/OFX plugins

Check out the videos below for both overviews of the new version and specifics of some of the new features.  Then email Merrel Davis or call him at 410-752-3406 to find out more and how you can get this amazing suite of visual effect plug-ins for yourself.

Sapphire 7 overview for VFX artists


Saphhire 7 overview for Editors


Details about Zap in Sapphire 7


Details about Beauty in Sapphire 7


Details about PanAndZoom in Sapphire 7

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