360-Degrees of Workflow: Production, Post, and Technological Requirements of Immersive Video

Feb 23, 2017

The magic of 360-degree immersive video is its unique ability to put the viewer in the middle of the action, as if they are there. The viewer becomes both camera and operator, and can control the experience in a way that traditional 2D video is incapable of.

This is certainly true for head-mounted display playback of 360-degree content, via platforms such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PSVR and Samsung Gear VR. Giving the viewer the ability to control “where they are looking” within a scene also brings impact to viewing such content on 2D displays.

As 360-degree video emerges as a compelling new medium, one increasingly obvious fact is that this format places new demands on production and post-production alike, in terms of technique, workflows, and the technical requirements of post-production. Another challenge is that essentially every 360-degree camera platform works uniquely, as there are no true defined standards at this point, in the way we have standards for SD, HD, 4K content and beyond. Right now, each 360-degree platform is its own unique technology, with its own production and post workflow.

One such system that is particularly unique is the Hawk by Realtime Immersion, also known as RTI. What makes their platform and workflow special? How about this — it’s capable of shooting 360-degree video with a single lens! It may sound like magic, and while there’s no smoke involved, it may employ a mirror.

Please join Chesapeake Systems, RTI, and media storage platform manufacturer Quantum for 

360-Degrees of Workflow: Production, Post, and Technological Requirements of Immersive Video

Wednesday, March 22, 2017
at the Kimpton Muse Hotel
130 W 46th St, New York, NY

This is a free event that will be held in two sessions:

• 10am to 12noon, beginning with breakfast

• 1pm to 3pm, beginning with lunch

Space is limited to 40 attendees per session, so please register right away!

We will begin with an overview and discussion led by Nick Gold of Chesapeake Systems, featuring RTI Founder Randy Eckhardt as well as Director Nick Bertram of Charlotte, N.C.’s Hammerhead Entertainment, a friend of RTI who has worked with their platform on high-profile productions for NASCAR and others.

We will then roll directly into a live demonstration of RTI’s 360-degree camera system, going from production, post, all the way through to playback. This will be intimate and interactive! Attendees will have a chance to see firsthand how the platform works, and learn about what considerations must be made when working with this format in post, and how storage, media asset management (MAM) and other post-production technologies are impacted.

Feel free to pass this invitation to industry friends and colleagues who are interested in exploring 360-degree video more closely, as this event will put you, well — right inside the action!