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Cortina Productions – CHESA Enriches Innovative Museum Exhibitions Work with Customized Storage Solution

The Client

Cortina Productions is a full-service creative media design and production company based in McLean, Va. that specializes in the museum field. The company’s work, which is focused on telling stories in compelling and innovative ways, ranges from dynamic film and video content to interactive displays and games, and immersive Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Virtual Reality environments for museums, cultural institutions, visitor centers, and aquariums across the world.


“We kept tripping over ourselves trying to handle all this data.”
Nick Spiropoulos
Senior Editor Cortina Productions

The Situation

Success brings new challenges. Rapid growth and more complex projects make efficiencies and content accessibility a necessity. Cortina recognized they needed to evolve their infrastructure.

“For a number of years we had a server farm, but every type of work was segmented: designers had one server, programmers had another, editors had their own,” says Cortina’s Director of Software Development Bryan Heisey.

How CHESA Helped Them

  • Designed an infrastructure and workflow for better organization and efficiencies
  • Implemented a multi-tiered storage solution from high access and speed to long term archive
  • Designed a system to enable cost-effective, on-demand Cloud
  • Designed and implemented automation between storage tiers and management processes for automatic media file movement between tiers
  • Provide ongoing support of the infrastructure through a Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Download the Full Case Study Here to Find Out How CHESA Enriches Cortina Productions Innovative Museum Exhibitions Work with Customized Storage Solution


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