Preserving history and embracing change.

At Chesapeake Systems, we strive to enable the creative industry. Our team of passionate and reliable experts has a genuine excitement for this line of work and enjoys working with clients to build systems that will change the way they work.

Our small, Baltimore-based company began 26 years ago as a shop that serviced Macintosh computers and we have reinvented ourselves as a national company that designs the infrastructure and intelligent workflow solutions that help major media outlets, musical performers, national figures and NFL teams work more efficiently.

Although we house a rare level of expertise in this industry, Chesapeake Systems is not your typical technology vendor. We have a quirky side, too.

Just take a look at where we’re based. Our headquarters is located in the former Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church near the rushing Jones Falls waterway in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood. When the church, built in 1878, was damaged by fire in 2008, Chesapeake Systems stepped in and helped create an award-winning adaptive reuse of the structure. It’s in this unique atmosphere where the high level expertise and talent of our employees comes together to develop and design modern, high performance systems that will truly transform your organization.

Here are the areas where we excel:

  • Creating high performance video and rich media storage systems
  • Developing optimal production and post production workflows
  • Longterm preservation and archiving of material
  • Automation and simplification of distribution and delivery workflows
  • Overall media asset management
  • Ongoing customer support

Who is CHESA? Download all the details here.